A Future for Gilroy 

Acknowledges climate change realities:
We cut carbon emissions and use less water.

Builds for Gilroy: 
We build housing that provides a reasonable cost of living.

Fosters culture and quality of life: 
We offer an attractive lifestyle and amenities.

1. Acknowledging Climate Change Realities

Climate change realities dictate that we build climate-efficient homes near shopping with easy access to transit options. So-called urban infill, or building for density (apartment homes, triplexes, fourplexes and ADUs in and around town) is far and away the most effective means of cutting carbon emissions and water usage. It also protects farms, ranches and vineyards on the periphery. In offering new housing without parking requirements, with access to public transportation, safe walkable streets, quality bike infrastructure, and charging stations for electric vehicles, we will demonstrate our commitment to a healthy lifestyle and a livable future for all Gilroyans. 

2. Building for Gilroy

The cost of living in Gilroy necessitates building more housing. An affordable home for the average Gilroyan, if it existed, would cost $300,000 - we must also consider low-income residents and the poor. At the moment, the average home in Gilroy sells for $1,000,000. A reasonable cost of living would attract and retain talented professionals and prevent the displacement of current residents who call Gilroy home. Housing the homeless and providing them services would halt their continuing immiseration and give residents peace of mind. 

3. Fostering Culture and Quality of Life

We need to capitalize on what makes this town unique, with its gorgeous farms, ranches, and vineyards. Gilroy is an agricultural town with a rich, diverse history (a desirable trait) and our public events and dedications should reflect this. We should offer attractive amenities for current and future residents, such as a community center downtown with a pool, sports facilities, a teen room and programming for the young. We should offer green spaces and use public assets for music and the arts, and we should have places to relax, people-watch, and congregate downtown. 

A Complete Picture 

We will build for density downtown, providing affordable, climate-efficient homes to a population of young adults, young professionals, young families, and longtime Gilroyans. We will offer safe, walkable streets free of homelessness, places to relax and interact, a sparkling new community center in town, easy access to Caltrain, buses, charging stations, quality bike infrastructure, and the soon-to-be high speed rail to LA and San Francisco. Foot traffic and civic life will bring new business, services, and restaurants downtown, and young people will create a Gilroy-specific culture and nightlife. Older Gilroyans will feel safe in populated areas that aren’t car-centric and dangerous. Tourists will come for the startling natural beauty, farm-fresh produce, a tour through the vineyards, the Sharks 3-sheet ice rink, the planned Adventure Park with mountain bike trails, a gondola, a wave pool, and a surfing pool, the majestic redwoods of Mount Madonna, the ever-charming Gilroy Gardens, and for things unforeseen that all these possibilities will occasion.